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the planets aligned two weeks ago for a perfect evening to celebrate olive’s birthday.  the rain stopped, the mosquito service had visited, bubble wands were prepped and the fridge pickles were pickling!

as a side note, i’ve got to give a BIG, HUGE thanks to my sister, good friend Julie, Aunt Mary Lou, mom and friend Amy for all their incredible help and calming effect.  these lovely ladies arrived early and basically put everything together while i attempted to decompress.  (expecting a toddler to take a nap on the day of their birthday party may have been a silly idea…lesson learned!) and my talented friend, amy, lightened my to-do load by baking up her delicious and beautiful ladybug cupcakes and a lemon curd cake for the adults.  thanks again! birthday angel awards for you all.

these bubble wands were a fantastic hit! not only did it keep the little ones busy so parents could actually hold a conversation, but it kept the teeny tiny issue of not liking to share at bay as each kid got to take a wand home.  

thanks to a living social deal for a mosquito service, friends could wander the yard and check out the garden bite-free!

so great having a special guest at the party…olive’s great aunt mary lou.  she always manages to offer a much needed helping hand and a good laugh to boot! 

nonna and her girls

a pregnant woman’s dream spread: watermelon, pickles, burger fixings, mom’s bean salad and salsa fresca. speaking of burgers…

carter as grill master. delicious job babe!

lily cools off with a refreshing treat!

and, finally, the piece de resistance: 

as crazy as i felt when it started, it was just such a good time.  there’s nothing i love more (except maybe the quiet that surely follows!!) than being surrounded by those i love, eating delicious food and sharing some good laughs. and i can’t think of a better reason to have all of these together, than while celebrating my beautiful girl’s birthday!


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maisy quilts

my neighborhood friend, amy, is a very talented (& too modest!) quilter. she’s the one that hosted the fun maisy party for her daughter and sent a truly creative invite.  she sent me a couple of pictures of her almost-finished quilts and i wanted to show them off for her.  love the bright colors and seeing amy’s daughter explore the quilts with olive.  what a lucky girl to have such a talented mama!

here’s the “counting with maisy” quilt (love the starry border!):

and this is the “What Are You Doing Maisy?” quilt with pictures that show maisy completing various tasks…what a comfy tool for teaching!

thanks for sharing your beautiful handiwork amy!


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5 years

happy anniversary carter!

i’m going to borrow some words from the great otis redding and a song i love,

“My love is growing stronger, as you become a habit to me
Oh I’ve been loving you a little too long
I don’t wanna stop now, oh
With you my life,
Has been so wonderful
I can’t stop now”

(pictures by the lovely amy joseph)

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my sister-in-law, meg, is a very talented architect who has an eye for neat vintage finds and colorful fabrics.  these all came into wonderful effect this year with my birthday gift! lucky me.

she wrapped the gift in one of her drafts:

& tucked inside was a heap of beautiful prints, colors & possibilities! thanks meg.

(the fabrics are from: elkabee)

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this weekend we came home to find this amazing birthday party invitation on our front porch. talk about wow!

my friend amy has done one for each of the girls with their own initial.  what a fun, creative, festive idea!

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ocam (orange collective artisan market) was a fun time this past saturday.  even during the slow spells! because i got to sit around with some cool folks and talk sewing. i especially loved meeting robin of “worthwhile mercantile” and her lovely, talented two daughters.  i hope olive gets bitten by the crafty bug too! and andrea of “birds and arrows” is just super nice and funny. i’ll definitely be getting a babysitter next time they’re playing a show nearby. as always, thanks kara and rebecca for the invite & for all your encouragement and crafty wisdom!

the market gave me the push to get some new items made.  i’m in love with these poufs and appreciated the thorough steps in design sponge’s tutorial:

tufting these cushions was definitely a challenge and led to a few near injuries.  i love that each wedge is reinforced with muslin and as added icing i double stitched the seams and hand sewn bits.  this is one of those tutorials, although detailed & with great pictures, i wish i could’ve seen in person.  by the second one i was feeling much more confident! and olive loves them. she kept pulling them to the floor, saying “night! night!” and lounging on them.

i also had fun using amy karol’s simple tote design out of “bend the rules.”  i made them out of my vintage t-shirt collection (hard to let go, but the final product is such a great way to get some new life out of my favorite shirts!). i especially love the santa barbara tote! such fun pairing the fabrics with the shirts…especially the vintage hawaiian fabrics my sis-in-law gave me as a gift.

these markets are just such a neat way to meet people interested in the same things i am and i love talking with the “customers” about where my fabric or vintage pieces come from. totally corny, but i love that they’re moving on and becoming a part of another story!

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