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Looking forward to another year at Carrboro’s ELF!  Speaking of elves, life is busy making stockings, Christmas aprons and fabric surprise balls for Saturday’s market.  It’s been a great way to get into the holiday spirit!


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these days

big sister lovin’ at its best:

friends introduced us to this great little park behind the raleigh little theatre.  it has a nice flat loop for riding bikes…olive’s latest obsession.

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bits & pieces

as i write this, i’m keeping my fingers crossed olive sleeps…even with the grinding of the wood chipper planted outside her window. we’re having some nasty, sun-hogging mulberries trimmed and removed from our backyard.  the garden, who usually only gets a couple of hours of sun a day, has already had 3 and the rays are still going strong.  happy tomatoes are tasty tomatoes!

i’ve been all over the place lately…at least in my head! my 3rd trimester has started this week and i’m glad to be entering the home stretch…although the 105 degree weather we’re promised for this weekend doesn’t sound like a good thing for this pregnant lady. i’ll be stocking up on popsicles and root beer next chance i get. bring on the sweet tea!

not sure if it’s the pregnancy, the daily to-do’s, or the constant company of an almost-three-year-old but most days i wake up hoping for patience and most nights i go to bed asking for forgiveness.  her summer program starts up soon and we’ve got a couple of fantastic vacations to look forward to in the months to come…that should help. hopefully!

last night, suzanne and i split some bbq nachos, salads and s’mores cheesecake with blackberries from local spot, porter’s, while getting lost in posy conversation.  we’ve mapped out some great steps for broadening ourselves and getting some help to reflect on how our first year’s gone.  as always, the time with suzanne and the topic of posy got me so jazzed it was hard to fall asleep…or maybe it was baby boy kicking up a happy dance over the cheesecake!

we’re finally posting our treasures from the liberty festival into the shop…here are the first to arrive:

farm fresh meets city slicker!

mom recently sent me a couple of great links. one is a tutorial to make these fantastic painted coolers…a perfect addition to any summer soiree:

the other link is from a today show interview about women bearing their post-pregnancy bellies…loved this! talk about brave.

olive’s been an absolute fish.  we got her a new turtle float for the pool.  she was a tad excited the first day she got to try it out.  here she is waiting “patiently” for the pool party:

the first time she’s ever been ready to go…4 hours early!

in honor of swim season, she let me paint her toenails for the first time…couldn’t you just eat these up?!

i’ve put a brief pause on my nesting crazies to knock out some long overdue custom projects for friends and family.  i love the variety custom projects bring…toile cushions for a friend’s wicker set and a bright blue geometric for suzanne’s den panels.  a couple more to go and i’ll be ready to focus on my own projects…which is good, because i’ve run out of room for new fabric!

alright, it looks like the finger crossing worked…going to have a snack and gear up for some naptime sewing!

hope you’re all well…sorry i’ve been a.w.o.l.  i’ve missed you!

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olive was so excited this morning about going to the farm, that she wouldn’t eat her favorite cereal. i had to pull out the big guns with a pancake to get something in her.  last night, after days and weeks of not actually falling asleep until after 9pm, i told her before bed, “tomorrow we’re going to the farm. you need a good night sleep. so when you go down, you’re staying down.” thank the cows and turkeys because she actually did!

as always, a wonderful time at nc state’s farm days. you just can’t go wrong when it comes to petting baby animals, sitting on tractors, and eating the most delicious ice cream while overlooking a pond and field of cows!  ps. my favorite part was actually finding my car this year! much better than the 30 minutes (literally!!!) it took last year. whew!

we finished the awesome morning off with a calzone at vic’s with carter & a fun visit with leeann hynes at epona and oak.  perfection!

thanks to friends laurel and amy for the beautiful pictures…and for remembering your cameras!

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thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement and kind emails…the market was a success!

michele little did a great job putting the event together and smartly tried to capture some of downtown’s st. patty’s traffic.  i was very excited to have a tent this go around and enjoyed my spot in the shade.  as always, i met lots of neat people, including my booth neighbor, lauren, from sweet ella boutique.  markets like this are such a neat reminder of the amazing and creative community i’m now a part of.

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we’ve made it big…at least in the world of local daytime news.  “my carolina today” did a piece on the designer’s market and the first item showcased is one of our poufs. yay!

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