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photo 3 (3)

photo 4 (4)reason #7 to have a kid:

2012-10-14 10.33.53

already hates ties:2012-11-28 18.56.17

2012-12-09 19.24.21

christmasy nap:
2012-12-14 15.44.10




rescuing kittens from the tree:piggy


cheering on olive at her school’s performance of the “nutcracker”santa helper



when life hands you buttermilk…you make biscuits:2013-01-03 17.59.34


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life of late

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thank goodness

that’s all i have to say about life right now.

i’m less than 2 weeks away from my due date with this baby boy but i’m not sure i’m going to make it. at least, not without a lot of help…whether in the form of baked goods, air conditioned spaces or the amazing people that make up my support network.

one of those in my “network” is my best friend, kristen, who happens to be due with her second two days before me.  we talk constantly on email and try for a weekly phone date. last time i called, i asked “how are you doing?” her reply, “you know how i’m doing,” was all she had to say.  uncomfortable.

sleep has become a joke…baby’s bumped up his awake/active time to around 11pm-12am.  so it’s a nightly struggle of wanting so very badly to give into my exhaustion but having to wait out his acrobatics.  of course there’s no movement when olive wakes up bright and early…not a good sign for what’s to come.  then you add the constant bathroom trips, tingling legs, sore back and haywire emotions and it’s a wonder carter & olive don’t head for the hills.

but, i didn’t want to sit here and complain. i wanted to say “thank goodness.”

thank goodness for having a best friend who totally understands and is going through this with me every awkward waddle of the way.

thank goodness for an amazing, amazing husband who is basically on olive duty the second he walks in the door…and all weekend. and who is constantly finding ways to bring humor and excitement into her world. when a giant box arrives with supplies for baby, instead of it being a touchy (“what do i get?!”) moment, it turned into this:

and another hot weekend spent inside became the perfect excuse to bring down carter’s childhood lego collection. (ps. i can’t tell who’s more excited about this! let’s just say carter’s been building a LOT of vehicles and rockets because olive wants them!!)

then there’s the nightly dance parties with djs olive and carter spinning tunes (either james brown or “wheels on the bus”!) and daddy daughter outings.  last weekend was the local museum &  tomorrow is library and a cupcake! lucky girl.

thank you, thank you babe.

while carter’s at work, olive’s either enjoying her new school, spending quality time with her nonna & papa or dressing to the nines with her favorite friend and cousin (apparently, 4 year olds have mastered gloves…good try though olive!):

thank goodness!

i’m also a curtain panel away from completing baby’s room. i can’t wait to share the pictures! it’s been a fun stress reliever having a new space to decorate. it’s kind of a woodland/lakeside/campfire vibe! of course, right now, it’s buried under a getting-ready-for-market vibe as posy head’s to the gail parkins memorial ovarian cancer event tomorrow to sell some goods!

okay, olive decided to take a nap afterall (thank goodness!) so i’m going to put these toes up and watch my own inner-belly olympics…next event, baby cycling!

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i recently finished an amazingly real, funny, thoughtful and romantic book, Elizabeth Buchan’s national bestseller, “Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman.”  i highly recommend it.

on one of the final pages i read the following excerpt about the character’s second child and it was one of those things where it was just what i needed when i needed it…without realizing it.

“I thought, most vividly and longingly, of my children.  That first glimpse of Sam.  Still confused from pain and the outrage of giving birth.  I had accepted without interest the bundle placed in my arms.  At first, neither of us registered the other.  Then, quiet before the adventure of his life got under way, the baby fixed on my face.  In those wide, calm eyes were surprise and astonishment at the prospect of the new world he had entered.  A gaze that took me back to the beginning, ready to start again.”

it’s a different kind of anxiety and preparation this time for our new baby.  this time i have a 3 year old at home, who some days starts out like this:

but i’m slowly getting more and more excited about meeting our son.  and to be able to say his name out loud. and to see how amazing olive is going to be as a big sister.  and to rock with him in this little nook:

and someday, when were all sitting around the kitchen table laughing about some story one of us shared or playing mexican dominoes together, it won’t seem so totally insane to be having another child. and instead, it’ll feel like being complete.

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life according…

…to my razzle…or these pictures would be if my phone (yes, it’s called a razzle!) actually took a decent picture, but that’s shooting for the stars when it doesn’t actually let me make a phone call inside my house (man, did i set my expectations too high for that one!)…i digress. so i used my camera as it’s sole purpose in life is to take pictures. unlike our multi-tasking phones. or so i hear.  (can you tell i have smart phone envy?!) anyway, here’s a bit o’ random for this rainy hump day.

good-bye mulberries, hello sun

my birthday dinner from side street cafe. hope’s best with a side of corn and bean salad.  any sandwich that allows you to either double the pimento or add bacon is alright by me. 

olive wearing her finest jewels for a bike ride around the porch:

my garden helper, with her new blue gloves. that girl loves her some blue!

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growing gratitude

10 good things happened today:

1. Woke up to a sale in Posy! One of Grandma’s vintage salt shakers is making its way back to Illinois.

2. Lovely Donna, whoever she might be, contacted me to do a custom project. And it’s one I can actually tackle even with this ever-growing baby bump.

3. Olive pooped in the potty.

4. After an hour and a half of waiting at the doctor’s I got to hear baby boy’s heartbeat. One of the best sounds in the world.

5. Another amazing sound…the current thunderstorm blowing through and the rain getting soaked up in our garden. (Icing on the weather cake? Olive’s sleeping through it!).

6. Olive and I had this sweet little moment outside our local Fresh Market…we looked through our newly acquired library books and ate free samples of banana bread and a couple Swedish fish from her new supply of potty treats.  Just a “life’s-pretty-dang-good” moment.

7. Shutterfly emailed me a deal for 100+ free prints…and I actually read the email before the deadline. This has been on my to-do list forever! Getting something checked off and getting it done free…yes and thank you.

8. I’ve got the fixin’s for Southern Living’s tomato pie…fingers crossed it comes out as yummy as it looks.

9. The mailman just delivered “The Descendants” which I’ve been itching to see.  Movie night!

10. This started out as an email to Carter with 3 great things that had happened today…but as I wrote this post it turned into 10…and the day’s not over. Awesome.

Just had to share! Hope you’re having a good day too!

In case you need a little boost…this is what Olive’s amazing dad comes up with when I need a little more time prepping dinner:

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bits & pieces

as i write this, i’m keeping my fingers crossed olive sleeps…even with the grinding of the wood chipper planted outside her window. we’re having some nasty, sun-hogging mulberries trimmed and removed from our backyard.  the garden, who usually only gets a couple of hours of sun a day, has already had 3 and the rays are still going strong.  happy tomatoes are tasty tomatoes!

i’ve been all over the place lately…at least in my head! my 3rd trimester has started this week and i’m glad to be entering the home stretch…although the 105 degree weather we’re promised for this weekend doesn’t sound like a good thing for this pregnant lady. i’ll be stocking up on popsicles and root beer next chance i get. bring on the sweet tea!

not sure if it’s the pregnancy, the daily to-do’s, or the constant company of an almost-three-year-old but most days i wake up hoping for patience and most nights i go to bed asking for forgiveness.  her summer program starts up soon and we’ve got a couple of fantastic vacations to look forward to in the months to come…that should help. hopefully!

last night, suzanne and i split some bbq nachos, salads and s’mores cheesecake with blackberries from local spot, porter’s, while getting lost in posy conversation.  we’ve mapped out some great steps for broadening ourselves and getting some help to reflect on how our first year’s gone.  as always, the time with suzanne and the topic of posy got me so jazzed it was hard to fall asleep…or maybe it was baby boy kicking up a happy dance over the cheesecake!

we’re finally posting our treasures from the liberty festival into the shop…here are the first to arrive:

farm fresh meets city slicker!

mom recently sent me a couple of great links. one is a tutorial to make these fantastic painted coolers…a perfect addition to any summer soiree:

the other link is from a today show interview about women bearing their post-pregnancy bellies…loved this! talk about brave.

olive’s been an absolute fish.  we got her a new turtle float for the pool.  she was a tad excited the first day she got to try it out.  here she is waiting “patiently” for the pool party:

the first time she’s ever been ready to go…4 hours early!

in honor of swim season, she let me paint her toenails for the first time…couldn’t you just eat these up?!

i’ve put a brief pause on my nesting crazies to knock out some long overdue custom projects for friends and family.  i love the variety custom projects bring…toile cushions for a friend’s wicker set and a bright blue geometric for suzanne’s den panels.  a couple more to go and i’ll be ready to focus on my own projects…which is good, because i’ve run out of room for new fabric!

alright, it looks like the finger crossing worked…going to have a snack and gear up for some naptime sewing!

hope you’re all well…sorry i’ve been a.w.o.l.  i’ve missed you!

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