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felt wreaths have been popping up all over the place, so i thought i’d try my hand at one for a party we held this weekend.  it came out beautifully! i love the neutral grey backdrop with the pop of vibrantly colored flowers.  this is definitely something i want to spend some more creative time on as you can really have fun with colors, materials, themes and design.

notes: this project takes a LOT of yarn. i went through almost an entire skein of the grey yarn to cover this baby.  i had to keep scooshing the yarn over so that it was tightly wrapped with no room for shifting…as i didn’t want any foam to accidentally peek through.  also, next time i would hang this on something that’s not going to move (i.e. not a door).  after being hung for one day on our front door, the foam had cracked and split right through.  i had to take off everything and trash the foam.  major bummer! but, i’m excited to do it again…or at least have it finished again…as i really loved it!


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today was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. times two.

it was one of those days where i woke up from such a vivid and terrible nightmare that i was both sweating and crying. that was just the beginning.

it was one of those days where i:

  • discovered damp moldy clothes in o’s daycare bag…that have been there for at least 2 weeks
  • got my first phone call from her daycare to tell me about an accident where o and a teacher got tangled up and fell down together, leaving a big scratch the length of o’s thigh
  • excitedly dropped off part of my first custom order only to discover that i’d sewn the zippers on the wrong side of the cushions
  • spent the next few hours fixing my mistake and instead made another, and another, and another
  • sent out a cloud of dust and cat hair from the vacuum while trying to uncover my rug from the coat of thread and fabric bits
  • added “fix/replace vacuum” on my long list of to-do’s
  • forgot to send back a netflix so we could take one on vacation…like i’d promised
  • knocked over my spools of thread and watched them roll…and unwind…before me
  • got bitten by another mosquito…this time in my car
  • had to reboot in the middle of this post

and finally…today was one of those days where i count my blessings.  i have a beautiful, healthy daughter (with a nice “boo boo” that she loves trying to kiss better); i got to pick up carter from the airport( while silently sending a shout out to all single moms as i’m in awe of their strength); i live in a colorful, warm home that i love (even if my to-do list is greater than my square footage); and i get to wake up tomorrow and have what has to be a better day.

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i’ve never really been good about keeping up with new year’s resolutions…a whole year is a long time.  so i started doing resolutions with each season.  it helps me focus on what i’m feeling/experiencing in that moment and i’m much better at short-term change…at least to get me started. 

so for spring, my resolution is about communication.

i will try to:

  • say “thanks” when someone says “sorry” instead of “it’s okay.”
  • say “you’re welcome” when someone says “thanks” instead of “oh yeah, no problem” or my over eager “of course!”
  • omit “just” before i answer, “staying at home with my daughter” when someone asks what i do.
  • omit “just” when i contact someone…for example, “i’m just wondering” or “i’m just writing/calling to say/ask.” 
  • give someone a task when they ask how they can help instead of “thanks, i got it.” because, usually, i don’t.

these may not seem like big deals to you, but as we move more towards literal communication and less nonverbal (or even verbal period…with all the texting, tweeting, typing), they imply a lot to me. and as i start new adventures, like selling my hand-made and refurbished goods, i want to come across as strong and confident. 

next season’s resolutions…be strong and confident.

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when i was a kid, friends of my parents were coming for a visit. i was so excited to show off my room with its glow-in-the-dark stars over the bed, the purple and yellow walls (couldn’t decide on one color!), my 90210 posters and all the details that made my space mine. i vacuumed myself out of the room to not leave any footprints and had that room shining.

you know what our guest said when i proudly showed her my room?

“yes laura, i see your straight vacuum marks.”

not the compliment i was fishing for.  my silly need to make the room perfect took away from what made the room perfectly mine.

i catch myself doing this all the time still.  whether it’s when i’m running around and sweating my butt off to prepare the perfect meal for friends or redoing a sewing project until it looks like a machine made it…which kind of defeats the whole handmade idea. so i’m not really enjoying my friends and i’m not really relaxing and being creative…i’m pushing myself to unnatural standards.

enough already, you know?!

kristen, your guests are going to love the baby shower you host for your sis-in-law this weekend because it’s you…and your home…and your delicious food.  suzanne, your awesome girl’s birthday is going to be…well, awesome…because all she wants is chocolate cupcakes with m&m’s….not some martha stewart magazine worthy spread.  and, laura, yes you…as you research etsy shops and work to set yours up, this isn’t a comparison game and there’s no trophy for being the craftiest, it’s about making things because you love them and you think it’ll make someone else smile.

so walk on that carpet, have fun with your friends and make something that’s perfectly imperfect!

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this is what happens when i interrupt my sewing to check out a good baby poop (hey, i was breastfeeding…it’s how i know i’m doing a good job!)

you’ll notice i sewed a panel onto this soon-to-be tablecloth backwards…let’s just say that i learned my lesson, over and over, as i pulled each frigging stitch out!

(even the picture of said incident came out crappy…too bad there’s not a seam ripper for that!)

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