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mac n’ cheese for olive while the adults enjoyed thin-cut ny strips with a balsamic reduction and blue cheese crumbles, sweet potato with cinnamon butter and an orange-topped salad.  ah-maz-ing!

xmas dinnerit was absolutely the perfect way to celebrate the holiday! candles, fancy dishes, Polar Express viewing and shortbread cookies for dessert.  even Olive got filled with happy love when she said during our toast that she loved us and being together in our home. well said kiddo!



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photo 3 (3)

photo 4 (4)reason #7 to have a kid:

2012-10-14 10.33.53

already hates ties:2012-11-28 18.56.17

2012-12-09 19.24.21

christmasy nap:
2012-12-14 15.44.10




rescuing kittens from the tree:piggy


cheering on olive at her school’s performance of the “nutcracker”santa helper



when life hands you buttermilk…you make biscuits:2013-01-03 17.59.34

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i recently finished an amazingly real, funny, thoughtful and romantic book, Elizabeth Buchan’s national bestseller, “Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman.”  i highly recommend it.

on one of the final pages i read the following excerpt about the character’s second child and it was one of those things where it was just what i needed when i needed it…without realizing it.

“I thought, most vividly and longingly, of my children.  That first glimpse of Sam.  Still confused from pain and the outrage of giving birth.  I had accepted without interest the bundle placed in my arms.  At first, neither of us registered the other.  Then, quiet before the adventure of his life got under way, the baby fixed on my face.  In those wide, calm eyes were surprise and astonishment at the prospect of the new world he had entered.  A gaze that took me back to the beginning, ready to start again.”

it’s a different kind of anxiety and preparation this time for our new baby.  this time i have a 3 year old at home, who some days starts out like this:

but i’m slowly getting more and more excited about meeting our son.  and to be able to say his name out loud. and to see how amazing olive is going to be as a big sister.  and to rock with him in this little nook:

and someday, when were all sitting around the kitchen table laughing about some story one of us shared or playing mexican dominoes together, it won’t seem so totally insane to be having another child. and instead, it’ll feel like being complete.

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and for her big debut:

(i love how she hangs onto the “z” at the end….and the train running through the background gives her a true gritty persona.  she’s so rock n’ roll man!)


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yard time

we are loving spring!

no wonder olive frequently asks to “go home” when we’re out-and-about! i love that she loves our home as much as we do.



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i recently shot this shaky, funny little video in our backyard and i can’t stop watching it. it makes me so happy!

i love how olive runs, all wobbly and arms flailing (much like her mom…but much more cute on a 2 year old!) and how she gets distracted at the end by a bucket.  the tide constantly shifts in terms of what’s got her attention.  this captures her just as she is!

but more importantly, it’s a glimpse into how much she adores her dad.  sometimes, when she’s playing by herself, or just walking from one room to another, i’ll hear her say, “that’s my dad.” as if someone else is about to scoop him up.  the poor guy can’t even get changed out of his work clothes at the end of the day because as soon as she lays eyes on him, he’s taken on some adventure.  she sometimes gives him kisses out of nowhere and will call out for him at night when she’s having a bad dream.  he recently went on a short business trip out of town, and even though he drove, anytime she’d see a plane she’d wave and say “hi” to him.  he’s got so much energy and patience and excitement stored up for her it takes my breath away.

olive and i are two lucky ducks!

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it’s been so long since i’ve had a free moment to actually write, but i wanted to share these fun glimpses into our weekends with olive. it’s funny because as a sahm you kind of forget about weekends, or maybe only get excited because you’ll have full-day help for a little while. but now that olive’s so into weekends and is excited both her parents are home, it’s hard not to be happy too!

olive doing her dinosaur impersonation at the museum of science:

exploring with her friend…and yes, she’s dressed as a bee:

carter had the brilliant idea to enjoy a cool evening with the fire pit and a bag of marshmallows. olive’s first. consensus: love at first gooey bite.

can’t wait to see what this weekend will bring!

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