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Looking forward to another year at Carrboro’s ELF!  Speaking of elves, life is busy making stockings, Christmas aprons and fabric surprise balls for Saturday’s market.  It’s been a great way to get into the holiday spirit!


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thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement and kind emails…the market was a success!

michele little did a great job putting the event together and smartly tried to capture some of downtown’s st. patty’s traffic.  i was very excited to have a tent this go around and enjoyed my spot in the shade.  as always, i met lots of neat people, including my booth neighbor, lauren, from sweet ella boutique.  markets like this are such a neat reminder of the amazing and creative community i’m now a part of.

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we’ve made it big…at least in the world of local daytime news.  “my carolina today” did a piece on the designer’s market and the first item showcased is one of our poufs. yay!

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no matter how far in advance i know about a market, i still find myself cramming the week before…bringing back not-so-fond memories of school. no wonder i used to go through family-size bags of twizzlers…this is not the way of the calm crafter!

here’s where i’ve been:

monday: playdate with olive’s cousins; drop olive off at nonna & papa’s; finish goodie bags; use scraps to create a couple of striped pillow covers (get very excited about their beauty and consider keeping for self); work until 8:30pm at part-time job.

tuesday: iron, cut and pin fabric for dinner napkins; take olive for haircut and lunch with her nonna & papa; quickly sew 4 napkins while olive plays fairies instead of taking a nap; take break for episode of “new girl;” come up with final list of supplies needed for wednesday’s shopping trip.

wednesday: buy pillow forms, piping, more fabric to back pillow covers and dinner napkins; tell olive she is taking a nap today; sew dinner napkins and iron to prep for topstitching; wash new fabric (and olive’s syrup/milk coated pj’s); finish last chocolate chip espresso scone (sorry carter!); cut ribbon for goodie bags; iron, cut and pin fabric for last set of dinner napkins; get in bed before 10pm.

thursday: operation wear olive out commences…2 hours at park with friends, chick-fil-a lunch (forgot wallet…thank goodness i was eating with friends!), stop off at library…olive falls asleep in car and i thank the nap gods; stitch last set of dinner napkins and iron for top stitching; top stitch napkins; write this post.

one set of napkins done:

here’s where i’m going:

this afternoon/evening: finish top stitching for napkin sets and cut/pin fabric for pillow cover backs

friday: get cash for market; finish pilllow covers; package/label/price inventory; get supplies together for market; finally, tell myself i did enough and there’s always the next market.

saturday morning: set up at 8am and keep eyes peeled for first food truck to arrive…fingers crossed they have caffeine. sit back & enjoy the day!

you know, as crazy as this week has been and as crazy as the next market prep will be, i really do love it. my creative juices are flowing and i can’t wait to show my friends what i made.

wish me luck!!

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we’ve been accepted into the downtown designer’s market happening this saturday. yay!

if you’re in the area and looking for a unique gift or goodie for yourself take a pause from your st. patty’s green ale & boiled cabbage to visit posy.

ps. there’ll be food trucks (including one of my faves, Klausie’s Pizza, and a couple of new sweet ones…think cheesecake!) …and the battle of not eating my profits will ensue!

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suzanne and i loved being at rock & shop for the first time.  the folks organizing it, particularly michelle smith, did a super job making us feel welcome and a part of the handmade community.  posy sold a mix of vintage, refinished and handmade goods…which was nice as it took off some of the pressure on me to make our inventory.

it’s always so interesting to see what sells from market-to-market and sometimes it’s even a little hard to let go.  i wouldn’t have minded having one christmas banner leftover to hang above our stockings…but I always love thinking about where our work ends up!

(ps. i heart food trucks! and r&s couldn’t have set up a more cozy spot for enjoying all the delicious fare!)

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just picked up this lovely fabric and threw together a few pillow covers. the back is this cozy ticking/seersucker fabric…love!

elf, here we come.

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