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My friend Laurel recently told me about local Raleigh shop, Beleza‘s, efforts to help families in Haiti as well as the inmates at the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women (NCCIW).  What a great cause and an easy way to use up my scrap fabric and extra yarn.  If you’ve got any to share, here’s the info. from Beleza:

  • Got old fabric that you’re not going to use?  Know someone who sews and may have some?  The sewing coop we work with in Haiti needs fabric.  Philip is taking a team of 23 folks to Haiti the last week in January and they can take a LOT of fabric with them.  He needs it no later than January 10.  Feel free to drop this at the store.
  • Children in the schools in Haiti still need personal hygiene supplies. If you will donate any of the following items it would be much appreciated. Again, this needs to be delivered by January 10 to the store. All of these can be small sizes. Small bars of soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorants, wash clothes, dental floss, small shampoo, nail clipper, small lotion.
  • Got Yarn? We’re Still Accepting It!  The folks who are working with this program tell us the women are SO EXCITED now because of the yarn we’ve collected.  And we will continue to do this as long as we exist and the program continues.
Several years ago inmates at the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women (NCCIW) began crocheting and knitting hats for their children from whom they were separated. In 2003, a local artist created a display of these hats, hanging them from the ceiling with crocheted lines. Her hope was to have 1,200 hats on display – one to represent each of the women in prison in North Carolina at the time.

For the past three years the hats have been displayed at alternative markets and craft fairs hats handcrafted by women at NCCIW. People who attend these fairs and markets can make a donation in exchange for a hat, with the proceeds used to support the planning efforts of Our Children’s Place.

These women need our help. If you have any yarn you are not planning to use, partial or full skeins, as well as plastic crochet or knitting needles, please bring these to the store. We are going to collect for this incredible work on an ongoing basis so spread the word.


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my dad and i have been keeping our fingers crossed that this year would be our year. i’d say our hard work has finally paid off!

we’ve already picked lots of beautiful zucchini, squash, green beans, peas, lettuce, and spinach.  the tomatoes, okra, serrano peppers and bell peppers are starting to make their beautiful debut. this is the first time in a while where i look out at the garden with excitement and anticipation for all that we can make with our harvest, as opposed to last year’s cursing of squash borers & hungry rabbits.

thanks dad for sticking with it and thanks to mother nature for the bout of rain and cooler mornings…both of you deserve a round of applause! honorable mention goes to the marigolds for keeping out the bad pests & to the lantana for bringing in the bees!

ps. i just recently heard that lots of garden pests, including borers, don’t like the gritty texture of coffee grounds. so we started saving ours again and will see if this works. i’ll keep you posted!

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never too early to tumble

o gets help from friend adah to spin our compost tumbler. now, if i can just get her to help me weed the garden!

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farm day

the benefits of living in raleigh…and the south in general, is that 5 minutes out of the city you can be sitting in a field eating locally made ice cream and looking at some of the cows that made it possible.

nc state’s college of agriculture and life sciences (i.e. the guys i’d see on campus wearing overalls or big buckled “nut huggers”)  put on a few days of farm merriment for students and families. 

there’s something really magical about taking your kid for the first time to see cows, horses, goats, turkeys, rabbits, pigs & chicks…all the things we read to her about and make her recite their sounds, knowing that she doesn’t quite get that they’re more than a character in “click, clack, moo, moo.” i was giddy on the drive there and farm day didn’t disappoint!

o got to pet chicks, rabbits & a baby goat’s foot (for some reason this was less scary than his soft head or back). she was able to stand on a bale of hay and listen to turkeys “gobble,” saw a tractor in action (to my delight it was a woman driving it!), meet a cow that walks on two legs & watch people disappear into the mysterious port-o-johns.  yes, the day was full of magic!

ps. i have to confess…it took me 10 minutes (while holding a very pooped and hot baby) to find my car in the adjacent field…apparently, i should’ve found a different landmark besides cowpies to remember our spot!

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i’m keeping my fingers crossed for an ipod for my birthday this year. i’m done with cd’s and their “indestructible” clutter.  i also don’t want to have to get the whole album when i really only want the one song i can’t get out of my head. anyway, i’m about a decade late on wanting one of these, but after we got rid of all our cases and cd paraphenalia (thank you green disk) and resigned the discs to two big books, i don’t want to go down that path again. 

in the meantime, i’m in love with pandora (and american idol…i’ll admit it!) and am thankful for their introducing me to some new faves…as in new artists and new songs by old artists (think islands in the stream by feist & the constantines…kenny rogers would be proud!). 

currently in love with:

  • this song by ingrid michaelson
  • paul mcdonald’s “maggie may” (on a different note…did this guy ingest teeth whitener?! wow…those are pearly!)
  • adele’s “make you feel my love” an equally emotional version of bob dylan’s classic song
  • mirah’s “engine heart
  • and of course, “fidelity” by regina spektor

these songs and many more have helped me zone out all the noise in my head and focus on whatever project i’ve set out for that day.  no small task!

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here’s the mexican sage i just bought. fall is such a great time to buy perennials and shrubs. they’re discounted as shops are looking to get them out and make room for all the new lovelies. fingers crossed he sees another season!

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