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i’m sort of (completely!) addicted to etsy and, now, pinterest. for years and years i’ve been filling notebooks with scraps from magazines, pictures, ideas, images i love. i also have them in a basket by my bed, in the drawer of a desk, in my purse, on the kitchen counter, and oh…so many other nooks and crannies i can’t even remember! i LOVE the jolt i get from a beautiful image and idea.  i love helpful tips…like using your dishwasher for more…recently washed: bath toys, toilet plunger & tray and pollen-covered plastic toys from the porch…thank you idea book! i love before and afters and i LOVE color! most importantly, i love that people are excited to share and feed off each other’s jolts. it pushes us all forward and together.  here are a few of my most recent pins & favorites:

what a cool idea for olive’s big girl room transformation:

very inspired by the different ways to create bunting…mirrors!

can’t get enough yellow right now!

this would be a neat way to price items for a market:

this just makes me SO happy!


words to live by:

i’m going to need a bigger notebook!


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dear friend

my aunt alyce is a dear friend of my mom’s from their college days. i had the great fortune of knowing her and will always remember her as the strong, witty, creative woman she was.

in loving memory

october 10, 2010

alyce chasse

(pictures by my close friend Amy Joseph)

aunt alyce took really interesting and beautiful pictures of her garden in California as well as any neat something that caught her eye (like these matryoshka dolls) and made them into cards. my last one, received before my daughter’s birth, says what i want to say to alyce, “you are in my heart.”

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fall’s fresh start

i absolutely love fall. the smells, the colors, the crisp air and renewed energy. in the south i think the energy part comes from the cooler weather…we can finally move faster than a snail’s pace and not sweat like a pig. of course, murphy’s law, we’re still hitting record-breaking temps around here…93 today. ech!

but i will not be discouraged! so i took advantage of the new season and a baby-free afternoon and did some major house reviving!

i had a crowded dining room, a too-dark hall, and a box full of cool weather clothes that don’t fit. so with the help of glee’s season 1, volume 1 soundtrack in the background i went to work.

the white shelves in the dining room replaced the dark brown ones in the hall instantly killing two birds with one stone…while giving me the kick in the butt to purge all the unnecessary items sitting on those shelves. the box of clothes? half consigned (passage consignment to the rescue)and half donated (cause for pause).

i’ve got $30 in my pocket from the sale of my summer clothes and 30 minutes before baby arrives home…thank you fall.

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