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we recently took an excursion to carolina beach, thanks to a perfectly located (steps from sand) and comfortable spot carter found to stay(thanks also to homeaway.com). olive was so excited about being at the beach she ran up and down the hallway upon arrival yelling “beach!” the anticipation only seemed to grow as she slept that night!

carter set up a “stomp course” for olive to let her go stompin’ crazy…and distract her from thoughts of destroying his intricate drip castle masterpiece.

the best donuts ever! (sorry krispy kreme)

why you go on vacation…

when ice cream on the board walk gets rained out…thank you gas station ice cream case!

sad to go…


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i recently got to take my first posy-related buying trip this past weekend to the liberty antique festival.  olive had been sick since the tuesday before and was finally starting to show signs of her old self.  suzanne, unfortunately, was home with sick kiddo #2.  i took advantage of the solo time and drove for about 45 minutes without any music or interruptions or feet kicking my seat.  the last 15 minutes were spent with lauryn hill…my go-to album for solo road trips.  pure heaven!

it was a totally overwhelming (in a good way!) experience.  tons of amazing treasures, southern smorgasbord for lunch and friendly folks everywhere.  my favorite was the announcer.  the first thing i heard upon entering the festival was, “if you haven’t tried the fried banana pudding, you’d better get you some!”  i knew i was in the right place.

i can’t wait for my finds to hit the shop…but until then, here’s a peak at what the festival had to offer.  i’m already looking forward to getting back next year!

next year, i’m bringing a wagon so my arms don’t fall off.  and i’m going to space out my shopping to include more food breaks.  i was really disappointed to have to walk away from the local church’s bake sale.  those pies looked delicious!  overall, a well-run, entertaining and educational festival. those vendors know their stuff!

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a couple of weekends ago, i schlepped my family out to durham to deliver around 10 bags of crafty clutter to the scrap exchange.  i have to admit, it was really, really hard to let go.  we’re talking stamps, envelopes, beads, paints, papers, stickers, and tons of “this would be so fun to make _____ with” stuff. but, you know what, as you can imagine, i not only haven’t used it or made it, but i’ve let it sit looming in my closet, attics and bureau making me feel guilty. and not creative.  so out it went and in came a breath of fresh air and possibility!

as a reward for my letting go (and bribery to my family for taking the journey with me), we stopped off for an amazing lunch at foster’s market. highlight of the visit, besides the hot italian sub (with artichokes and all kinds of magic tucked inside!) and the giant chocolate chip cookie we enjoyed on a bench outside…was getting to meet ms. sarah herself.  carter was very cute and raved to her about how much he loves her.  i kept the part to myself where carter said if i wasn’t around he’d marry her. i think she got the picture!

and this is what i get for asking olive to smile.  when will i learn?!

ps. next time i’m totally going for the shredded bbq turkey sandwich with homemade slaw and bread and butter pickles.  it was a hard choice, but i’ll come back for you friend!

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olive was so excited this morning about going to the farm, that she wouldn’t eat her favorite cereal. i had to pull out the big guns with a pancake to get something in her.  last night, after days and weeks of not actually falling asleep until after 9pm, i told her before bed, “tomorrow we’re going to the farm. you need a good night sleep. so when you go down, you’re staying down.” thank the cows and turkeys because she actually did!

as always, a wonderful time at nc state’s farm days. you just can’t go wrong when it comes to petting baby animals, sitting on tractors, and eating the most delicious ice cream while overlooking a pond and field of cows!  ps. my favorite part was actually finding my car this year! much better than the 30 minutes (literally!!!) it took last year. whew!

we finished the awesome morning off with a calzone at vic’s with carter & a fun visit with leeann hynes at epona and oak.  perfection!

thanks to friends laurel and amy for the beautiful pictures…and for remembering your cameras!

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we had a great thanksgiving. ate an obscene amount of food. only my italian mama could follow up a huge (& delicious!) thanksgiving meal eaten midday with a meatball sub dinner that evening. i kid you not. and yes, i still ate every bite.

our weekend also included a trip to the newly refurbished and fantastic!!! pullen park.  if you’re in the raleigh area, get yourself there. it blew me away!  they had a real train car to climb around in, a miniature train that took us for a ride (loved going by the lake!), little boats, a beautiful carousel and this totally amazing park.  olive, joined by her good friend, had a ball! we had a picnic at one of their shelters before heading home and putting a zonked girl to sleep.  the best part, in my opinion, is that it’s all really accessible and affordable. there were all types of families there and with attractions for $1, everyone got to participate. well done city…glad to see my tax dollars put to amazingly good use!

we finished things off with some quality bike time.  carter’s family graciously gave olive a balance bike for her birthday and we’re just now at the place where her legs are long enough and she gets the concept of using her feet to move herself.  she was one proud cookie and i, of course, got verklimpt remembering my own bike lessons with my dad.  carter made a great coach!

olive loved the parade as much as me. okay, confession, i may have been slightly more excited than she about the fresh beat band’s appearance. i know. i need a life.

the weather was perfect on turkey day for running around her nonna and papa’s yard!

and now for the pullen park fun…

overall, it was this crazy fun, sometimes relaxing, definitely delicious long weekend.  i hope you had a wonderful holiday too!

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road trip 2011

carter and i trekked up to western massachusetts for his cousin’s wedding.  it was such a fun time…relaxing, cozy, delicious and beautiful…all wrapped up in a new england bow!

travel journal: 12 hour drive, taco bell & mc donald’s (carter’s in heaven), unexpected snow storm, philly stop-over to see good friends, 1st trip together since olive’s birth (next time…definitely not waiting so long…lesson learned), coffee and savory crepe consumed in neighborhood train depot, $20+ spent in tolls, wedding night power outage, cozy breakfasts and afternoon coffee in the main lodge, prosecco with floating cranberries awaiting wedding goers, vintage formal attire, brunch in a field, rehearsal dinner fondue-style, dancing to “brick house” in a barn, late night doritos & cookies binge with awesome sis-in-law and her new hubby, hanging out in a “speak easy” underneath the lodge while waiting for the power to return, mary kay andrew’s latest chick lit, text & photo updates from my folks which made it a little less difficult to be away from olive for so long (thanks guys!!), pod cast review of neil young’s “rust never sleeps,”  and getting to talk to carter, uninterrupted…for 4 whole days.

(the cozy lodge…not pictured: fireplace and a fully stocked bar…thank you winthrop!)

beautiful? yes. good conditions for cute shoes? sadly, and with numb toes, no. mental note: next time check weather before packing. better yet, bring boots anyways.

we got to share the entire top floor with carter’s sister and brother-in-law.  it was magical with all the nooks overlooking a snowy wonderland.

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…with your feet in the air and your head on the ground…

this feels like more than a pixies tune lately…it feels like life.

so, i got a job, working part-time at a toy shop.  it’s a spot we’ve taken olive to numerous times because they have a great train table and don’t pressure you into buying stuff.   today was my first day. i got a little nauseous standing for 4 hours straight, but they have a candy bowl behind the counter, so i can’t really complain.  i kept waiting all day for something to go wrong.  olive’s frequent morning grumps would make me late, she’d get sick while staying with my dad, they’d tell me they can’t work around her school schedule, i’d forget how to talk to adults (and would be found tucked away in the corner with the candy bowl)…but none of this happened. in fact, it went amazingly smooth and my world didn’t fall apart due to my employment.  it’s a weird, good feeling.  and i’m pretty proud to have a job. i get to help out at home financially, i get paid to have some “me time” and olive and i get to miss each other a little. plus, they have a candy bowl. did i mention that?!

on top of the job thing, i’ve been busting a move making etsy/craft market goods. i’m really stoked for a recent project, a felt banner embellished with vintage buttons. can’t wait to show you! i’ve finished 4 stockings, 3 of which are made from felted wool (thanks to my talented friend julie!) men’s jackets.  i’ve been practicing my felt flowers & designing cocktail napkins using fabric scraps.  in terms of home projects, we’ve nearly sanded all the shellac off our porch table to prepare it for its new, weather-proof stain & i just dropped off another attic load for consignment.

the thing that’s been so great about all these crazy days is the support i’ve been given by my friends and family.  emails wishing me good luck, mom friends getting how big a deal this little part-time gig is, carter putting his book down at night so he can listen to me babble about job, etsy, craft markets, project ideas, & anything else that floats into my mind, my folks being way too generous with their time and watching olive so i can work a few shifts while i nail down my schedule and childcare…and on, and on. thanks everyone…from the bottom of my heart. you amaze me!

squeezed in around all the work and busy time have been these cozy, special family outings. we’re in full autumn-celebration mode! this weather couldn’t be better.

first we hit the state fair.  tally:  sausage with peppers/onions, hot cider, roasted corn, hot dogs, mini-donuts & soft-serve ice cream.  1 carousel ride and a turn on the old jalopy.  olive even won a stuffed snake “fishing” and got to pet a baby duck.  she hasn’t stopped talking about the pigs & getting to climb inside a school bus.

amazingly, we ran into my sister, nieces and friend alyssa. maybe not so amazingly, as suzanne seems to have camped out at the fair for the week. i think she’s contemplating life as a carnie.

i think we can attribute olive’s face to either the “bbq sundae” sign, the fact that we’d gone 5 rounds on the old jalopy ride and didn’t seem like we were ever getting off, or maybe she had a feeling that something was awry…later proven correct as the news relays a dozen carnies arrested for drug/alcohol-related charges. i’m going with the bbq sundae, which turns out didn’t involve ice cream or chocolate syrup…i inquired.

a day later, we took an outing with friends to ganyard hill farm for a tractor ride, tunnel slide through hay stacks, corn crib, goat feeding, pumpkin patch fun!

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