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thanks to trader joe’s easy-peasy gingerbread house kit, olive and her friend geeves made their tasty masterpieces.  olive kind of couldn’t believe she could eat it. craft project + candy?! christmas miracle.

2012-12-15 12.58.19

2012-12-15 13.10.49

2012-12-15 15.27.44


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mac n’ cheese for olive while the adults enjoyed thin-cut ny strips with a balsamic reduction and blue cheese crumbles, sweet potato with cinnamon butter and an orange-topped salad.  ah-maz-ing!

xmas dinnerit was absolutely the perfect way to celebrate the holiday! candles, fancy dishes, Polar Express viewing and shortbread cookies for dessert.  even Olive got filled with happy love when she said during our toast that she loved us and being together in our home. well said kiddo!


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Christmas tree



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a BIG congratulations to my amazing dad for helping his team win the gold at this past weekend’s senior olympics!  these two cheerleaders were sure proud of their papa!

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the planets aligned two weeks ago for a perfect evening to celebrate olive’s birthday.  the rain stopped, the mosquito service had visited, bubble wands were prepped and the fridge pickles were pickling!

as a side note, i’ve got to give a BIG, HUGE thanks to my sister, good friend Julie, Aunt Mary Lou, mom and friend Amy for all their incredible help and calming effect.  these lovely ladies arrived early and basically put everything together while i attempted to decompress.  (expecting a toddler to take a nap on the day of their birthday party may have been a silly idea…lesson learned!) and my talented friend, amy, lightened my to-do load by baking up her delicious and beautiful ladybug cupcakes and a lemon curd cake for the adults.  thanks again! birthday angel awards for you all.

these bubble wands were a fantastic hit! not only did it keep the little ones busy so parents could actually hold a conversation, but it kept the teeny tiny issue of not liking to share at bay as each kid got to take a wand home.  

thanks to a living social deal for a mosquito service, friends could wander the yard and check out the garden bite-free!

so great having a special guest at the party…olive’s great aunt mary lou.  she always manages to offer a much needed helping hand and a good laugh to boot! 

nonna and her girls

a pregnant woman’s dream spread: watermelon, pickles, burger fixings, mom’s bean salad and salsa fresca. speaking of burgers…

carter as grill master. delicious job babe!

lily cools off with a refreshing treat!

and, finally, the piece de resistance: 

as crazy as i felt when it started, it was just such a good time.  there’s nothing i love more (except maybe the quiet that surely follows!!) than being surrounded by those i love, eating delicious food and sharing some good laughs. and i can’t think of a better reason to have all of these together, than while celebrating my beautiful girl’s birthday!

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happy birthday olive!

i can’t believe you’re already three years old. you make me smile every single day…even the days when we need a break from each other!

i love your silliness and how you take forever to eat, too, because you’re goofing around or talking. i love how you ask, oh so hopefully, “are you guys done?!” at the end of a meal…ready to play.  it’s so cool how much you like to read and boogie down to some 50’s rock. you’re always looking out for sandwich and are so good to him. (i’m sorry he bites you when you’re trying to sleep with him…he’s just a grouch.) i love your little 3 year old voice and how you sound like you’re a new yorker sometimes with your “you guys” and “dare” instead of “there.”  i love how you try and talk your stuffed friends into being brave with thunder even though you’re scared yourself. i love how you smooth out my hair and play with my face when we’re inches apart snuggling in bed.

i’ve always thought your dad was pretty awesome, but somehow you’ve made him even more so.  because he is so darn happy and patient and loving and full of joy around you…so thanks. we think you’re just about the best thing ever and these past three years have been incredible, which is why i got misty-eyed when everyone was singing “happy birthday” to you at your party.  so much love. thank you. and happy birthday sweet pea.

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baby bump

it’s almost june and i never quite got around to announcing, via chockfullof, my pregnancy.  since most of you that read this are close friends and family, you already know, but better late than never for any of my new friends checking in! we’re having a boy and he’s due to join our family mid-september.

much to carter’s chagrin (and late night annoyance) i’m in full-on nesting mode, bringing up ideas for lamps and curtains as he’s attempting to drift off to sleep.  i’m feeling really good these days, energy-wise, but get pretty terrible sleep at night which is why i catch up with a nap every few days.  i’ve been craving meat and salt, and had a near-religious experience with an arby’s beef cheddar melt. (i pulled my dad into that meaty love fest as payment for painting olive’s room).

my wonderful mother-in-law has been patiently waiting for a photo of the baby bump as well as one of olive smiling…so here’s a two-for-one ellen! everyone that’s already seen this on my sis’ awesome blog, sorry for the repeat…this is all i’ve got right now.  can you tell we’re still in a sort of denial/state of shock?!

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