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what, or who i should say, could get this group from here:

to here:

three words: “rock star librarian”

cameron village library is the locale of mr. erik’s day job…child librarian. by night, he’s rocking with his band “static minds.”  these pictures don’t even really do him, or the library’s program, justice. the girls are usually getting their groove on from the second he starts his opening song, “read and jump and rock it!”  the room gets pretty packed…around 40 plus moms, dads, caretakers and kiddos.

it’s definitely a highlight of our week and a saving grace for this sahm!


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posy has had great success with the children’s tea placemats i made.  it’s a fun project and a good vehicle for really mixing up my fabrics.  we recently had a customer who wanted a set of the kids’ mats but also wanted a full-size set for herself.  i think these came out really well! they’re backed with classic ticking (my backing of choice) and add a neat punch of color to your table.  thanks to “one yard wonders” for the great design and idea!  coming soon…posy will be restocking the children’s tea placemats with some fun new colors and fabrics!


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still chugging along

my mom, sister and i practice a little r&r recycling…we each subscribe to various magazines and then we share the love with each other after we’re finished reading.  magazines are my reward at the end of a long day or as a mental break halfway through if needed.  my mom’s gotten me hooked to “whole living.”  it’s a martha stewart mag that doesn’t just advertise martha every page. i love it when something i read or see gives me a positive jolt and i thought you might appreciate it as well. 

their recent issue has a section on happiness where they’ve asked various writers and photographers to “prove that joy can happen at any moment.”  what a lovely thing to read before going to bed. here’s one i especially liked and could relate to, by elisabeth egan a freelance writer living in new jersey,

“there’s nothing romantic about the belching, wheezing bus i take every night from times square to my new jersey hometown.  the trip is bookended by grouches: a uniformed dispatcher at gate 412, who yells at us weary commuters to stand in a straight line, and my own beloved kids, whose initial excitement to see me fades to a lament over the weird bread i packed in their lunches.  but in between verbal assaults, as my chariot lurches through the meadowlands at dusk, i sink into a plush seat with a good book and settle peacefully, gratefully into my life’s best approximation of alone time.  this contentment surprises me every time.  maybe i’m relieved that somebody else is in charge for a change; or maybe, between the battling bands of home and work, my bus strikes just the right note of white noise.  it’s the only part of my day that’s completely predictable, when i’m one in a million and lost in a crowd, which is a delicious feeling of a mother of three.  when the sun finally drops, and the dim overhead lights fail to illuminate my page, i glance out the window into the reflection of my own eyes. there you are, i think.  still chugging along.”

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knitter’s words

i just finished reading kate jacob’s “the friday night knitting club” and am in love…with her writing and array of beautifully strong (and weak!) female characters. through my tears at the close of the story i was especially inspired by these words, “why else would we create? especially in a world that doesn’t need homemade anything. that’s when we need homemade everything.”

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